Syncing Calendar Via OWA

If you use Outlook Web App (OWA) to manage your calendar you can follow the steps below to sync this calendar with Setster.

Please note some terms or layout of OWA may differ depending on your version. Please check other sync instructions here.


Import to Setster

  • Log on to your OWA account and go to Calendar.
  • Right click the calendar you want to Import and choose permissions

  • Change the permissions drop-down from “Not Shared” to “Availability only” and press Save

  • Right click Calendar >> Permissions >> and then View Calendar. This will bring up a browser window with the calendar link (URL).
  • Copy the link of Subscribe to Calendar by right clicking and copying to clipboard

  • Login to your Setster account and go to Settings >> Staff
  • Select correct provider and click the Edit button
  • Scroll down to the Calendar Sync area
  • Under Import Calendar From, select Outlook and paste link within the Calendar URL field.
  • If the link starts with webcals change it to https. So simply replace the word webcals with https.
  • Click Sync Now to complete the import.



Export from Setster

  • Login to your Setster account and go to Settings >> Staff
  • Select correct provider and click the Edit button
  • Scroll down to Export Calendar To, select Outlook and copy link within the Calendar URL field. Here you can also optionally check the "Remove canceled appointments from personal calendar" if you wish to have them automatically removed and "Email instructions to service provider".
  • Login to your OWA
  • Go to Calendar 
  • Right-click on Other calendars on the left menu and choose Open calendar

  • Paste the Setster URL into Internet calendar field and confirm by clicking on Open

  • The calendar will now be listed under the Other calendars section in the left menu. You can show or hide it by ticking the checkbox next to it. You can rename the calendar by right-clicking on its name and choosing Rename calendar from the drop-down menu. 

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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