Microsoft Exchange Server Calendars

Based on how your Microsoft Exchange Server is setup, you have options to sync your Setster calendar with your own Microsoft Exchange Server calendar. 

Option 1

An out of the box integration is already available but requires you to publish your Microsoft Exchange calendar to the web. If you can access your calendar online via OWA and the admin of your exchange server allows you to publish your calendar to the web either via or any WebDav server or your own Exchange Server, then you can simply sync Setster directly via OWA or Office365 or as outlined hereIf you do not have the publish calendar feature turned on within your account, you can contact your server administrator to see if it is possible for them to turn on this feature for you. 

Option 2

Setster is capable to integrate and sync with calendars hosted on Microsoft Exchange Servers that are not made public via the above tools and are Firewall protected. Please note this option is only available under our dedicated server plans, and not available under the multi-tenant server.

We require that the Exchange Web Services (EWS) is activated and installed on your Microsoft Exchange Servers. 

EWS is a web service API by Microsoft, that you can use to communicate with Exchange. EWS provides Exchange mailbox user’s data to any website, device, or computer that can connect to the Internet. EWS is available in Exchange Online, Exchange Online as part of Office365, and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange 2007.

Here is an overview of EWS - 

The best way to test if EWS are enabled and available on the server is to use a Microsoft test page:

Since it is a light weight API to the client mailbox and calendar and does not affect the Exchange server performance beyond a normal external client accessing mailbox or calendar information. 

Setster will use the access points available via EWS to access your provider calendar and sync the Setster calendar with your providers calendar in real time. This sync is done under secure server to server connections, and we can offer documentation about our security procedures. 

For more info, please do get in touch. 


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