October 3, 2017 - Product Release

Well hello!

During the last maintenance window, we released some cool things we’d like to share with you. We have a new look as well as some cool enhancement that aim to make your experience using Setster easier and more efficient. 

Calendar got a new look


Next time you log in, you'll see a new experience. Our focus was not just a new interface, but to help you get things done faster. Apart from the striking difference in color and layout, it includes subtle improvements that will save you time navigating around the calendar and managing your appointments.

Settings area got redesigned


Jumping to the settings area you’ll see a new navigation menu. We’ve moved some functionalities around to allow you to better manage your business rules. Everything is clearly named and easily found. 

New features 

This product release was heavily influenced by your feedback, and a slew of cool new features were introduced to help you optimize your booking experience and daily tasks. Here is the rundown

  1. Company wide holiday blocking just in time for the Holiday season.
  2. A newly improved booking form for your custom fields.
  3. A faster more advanced calendar sync with both Google calendars and subscription calendars.
  4. Apart from services you now have events which occurs on specific dates only and can have their own specific rules.
  5. An improved “Thank you for booking” and “Instructions” to clients specific to each service or event.
  6. Images now available for services, events, and locations.
  7. Providers are now called Staff. Same entity just a different name.
  8. An improved version for assigning access and roles to your staff members.
  9. Send appointment notifications to both your staff members and shared business emails.
  10. An easier to manage appointment report and export area.
  11. Connect and integrate Setster with third party apps with Zapier.com (Beta).

Faster, more reliable infrastructure

Our technical team was busy upgrading our server infrastructure. We’re now running on a larger more scalable and lightning fast servers that will allow our tool to continue to grow and serve a better user experience. This means you’ll notice things loading faster and your clients will have a speedy experience with their booking. This includes our API, allowing you to transfer data more efficiently.


We were also busy fixing some issues, and we feel we should note how embarrassing that was to our development team!

  • When exporting appointments to subscription calendars, we weren't including the full appointment details. Oops!
  • During Stripe payments, the customer email address was not always being sent to Stripe. Stripe REALLY likes it when we include that information.
  • Also in Stripe news, we've fixed a bug where payment requests via Stripe weren't always appearing on mobile devices. Sorry!
  • On some mobile devices filtered widgets set to open to specific services were opening to all instead. That wasn't much of a filter.
  • Feeling nervous after saving? The 'Save' button will now change to “Saving...” until your appointment is confirmed.
  • Eliminated rare cases of double bookings until our users can be in two places at once.
  • German special characters now display correctly. Expect announcements about all the grünflügelbülbül hiding in our office soon
It's hard to say goodbye but we feel these two features were so rarely used and wont be missed much!
  • PayPal minimum payment request is no longer supported.
  • Connecting Social profiles feeds to the booking profile page is no longer supported.
We hope you find the new design and features helpful and stay on the look out for some more to come from our development team!

Have questions? Get in touch here.

Thank you,
The Team @ Setster

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