Add Another Account Admin


Each Setster account comes with a single admin login that controls the account entirely. This admin can then opt to give other providers their own login credentials (optional) and access to different areas of the account (optional). This provider can be an active provider (taking appointments or a non active provider).

  1. Go to Settings > Providers
  2. Click to edit a provider or add new provider
  3. Select "Allow to manage own account" option
  4. Options will appear
  5. Set a password and email them their logins
  6. Then select the different areas of the Setster account that you wish to allow them access to
  7. When you give them access to a specific area of the account you are also giving them access to edit anything within this area. 


Please note though, this provider will not have access to other provider's appointments or clients. They can only view their own appointments and clients. The only login with full access is the main admin provider. 

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