How To Add Setster To


First, you must get your Setster code ready. Login into your Setster account and select the "Get Widget" tab.  Once there, select the type of widget you want, and customize it's placement and wording. More info on this found here.

Copy the code to your clipboard and now let's add it to your website.

1.  Log into your TypePad account

2.  Under Manage my Blogs (Top right) Select "Design"

3.  On the left column, select "Content"

4.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure "Blog Footer" is checked.

5.  Select the Edit Pencil in the Blog Footer column to edit configuration

6. * Select Advanced

7. Paste the Setster Code here

8. Select "OK" to save your work.

*Note:  If you have footer content already in the Footer configuration in the "Simple" tab, just copy and paste that into the advance tab before adding the Setster Code.  In other words, copy and paste that content first, and then paste the Setster code both in the Advanced Tab.

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