How To Add Setster To Your Emails Or Campaigns


Setster can easily be added to your website even multiple sites, blogs, and your emails. 
Now your clients can book appointments with you wherever they find you. 

Let's see how you can add Setster to your personal emails and marketing emails..


Login into Setster > Go to Settings > Get Widget

Let’s get started.

There you will find “Add the Appointment button to your next email marketing campaign” Click on "Get the code for this widget". 
You would get a code like this one:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Setster" border="0" /></a>

The above would have your own name instead of SETSTERNAME. 
Simply copy this code and add it to your email signature, or marketing email.
If you wish to use your own image then simply change this URL to the URL of your image: - But you have to make sure this is a live image.
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