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Classes and group services are a great feature in Setster, it allows you to have multiple people book for the same service at the same time. 

You can have a service that holds the same class every day like a spin class, or can be a one time event like a seminar. Either way, Setsters flexibility is built for any industry.

You can also charge for those classes up front via PayPal. This means your clients can use Visa, MaterCard and AMEX to pay for your services upfront or even pay a deposit or opt to pay in cash later.

To create a group service:

  1. Login into your Setster account.
  2. Go to Settings > Services
  3. Click on Add Service and fill in the information
  4. Once you get to the option "Enable group sessions of size X maximum" check this option and enter a number in the filed. 
  5. You must set a limit, it can be your maximum or if you're open to have as many people as possible join, then add a large number like 9999.  
  6. Setster will not book appointments for that service once that limit is reached.

You also have other options available - If it's a one time seminar just select the "This service can only be performed at a specific time" and choose a date and time specifically for this service.

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