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When creating a service you will have different options to choose from. We will cover those here. 

First login to your account, and go to Settings > Services

Select a pre-existing service to edit it or select "Add Service" button. 

This is what you will see.



Type: You can select "Standalone Service" or "Additional Service". An additional service is a service the customer can opt to add when booking. These are usually extra time, or an extra service that can only be done if a major service is asked for. An additional service can never be booked alone, but it can be set to a specific pre-existing service as an add on. 

Service Name: This is the name of the service as your customer sees it. Make it clear, short and understandable.

Duration: How long will this service last for in hours and minutes. 

Price: The full price of the service. If left at 0 then this will be a free service. If you place an amount there, then you will have the option to ask for a deposit, or make it mandatory to pay via PayPal, or not. Explanation on this is below. 


Next there is:

Description: This is the description of the service your customer will see when booking the appointment. Be descriptive and informative. 

Special instructions for client: What you insert here is sent in the appointment email to the customer. This is not shown while booking, but will be sent in the email. A great way to customize your emails based on each service. 

Widget message: What you insert here will only be shown in the widget while the customer is booking the appointment. 


Next there is:

Manually confirm appointments: If this is checked then any appointments will not be confirmed to your customer, until you do this manually within the Setster calendar admin. Your customer will receive an email that the appointment was requested, and is awaiting your confirmation. You will also receive and email to confirm this appointment. 

Users must book appointment X hours in advance: This option allows you to set a number of hours before an appointment can be booked. For example, you can ask for a 24 hour advance, so customers can only book an appointment 24 hours form the time of booking. This is great if you're always on the go and need time to prepare. 

Enable appointment padding of X: Appointment padding is a great way to give you some time between appointments to gather your thoughts and prepare for the next appointment. For example, if you select 30minutes, then we will block off 30minutes before and after each appointment so no other appointment can be made during that time. 

Enable flexible appointment start time with X: If you wish to take appointments that start 5 minutes after the hour, or at 10 or even 15 minutes intervals. Depending on what you state here you can start taking appointments at 1:05 or even 1:25. 

Users can cancel appointments up to X hours prior: This is the maximum time allowance before an appointment is set that the customer can cancel an appointment with you. If checked and an hour is given, then the customer may not be able to cancel this appointment if the hours have passed. 

Users can Reschedule appointments up to X hours prior: Same as canceling, this option allows you to set the hours before an appointment can be rescheduled to another available time. 

Send customer reminder X hours before service: Setster sends automated reminder emails, so if you check this option, we send the email based on the hour you specify to remind your customer. This is a great way to lessen no shows. 

Enable group sessions of size X maximum: Setster allows you to take group appointments. This is great for classes or events, even seminars or webinars. Set the maximum number of attendees, this can be a very large number like 9999 to allow for open classes. More on this here

Request paypal payment X min amount: This option will only appear if you stated a price for the service as shown above. If this is selected then the amount shown here is mandatory and should be paid via PayPal before your appointment is confirmed. We also email the customer to remind them of paying with a payment link if they did not complete the payment at booking. You can opt to place the full amount here or a partial deposit. 

Allow to pay with cash: If you select this option, then the customer is given a choice to pay with cash when they come in to their appointment. The PayPal payment above will become optional. 


Next there is:

Providers: Here you will see the list of your active providers. You can select which provider can offer this service. 

Locations: A service can be set to a specific location, multiple or all. Depending on where you offer this service you can select this here. 

This service can be performed any time during availability: This means that your client can book this service based on the availability of the provider at every location. If you wish to offer this service only on specific times, then you can opt to choose "This service can only be performed on the following times: instead.


This service can only be performed on the following times:

Repeat - None: Use this if your service is only on a specific date. For example if it is a webinar, then select the day and time. This service will not be available on any other day or time.


Repeat - Weekly: Use this if your service is on specific days of the week. Like Mondays and Wednesdays between 8am and 5pm. Here you can also opt to set it forever, so it is ongoing, or specify a date range where this would be offered in.




Repeat - Monthly: Just like weekly above, you can set specific days for this service. Like the 5th of every month or the first week of January if set with an interval of in between. 




This option allows you to set a start and end date for a service. So you if you have a promotional service that will expire you can set the beginning date that you wish this service to appear, and the end date which the service will then be removed from the booking widget. 

Please note this is not the dates a service can be booked on, but the dates a service should show up as an option to book. 

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