Provider Defined


A provider can mean different things in different business scenarios.

  1. Providers most commonly are your team members. With Setster you can create one account and add providers with their own calendar. Each one of your team members will have their own schedule and services they provide. An assistant that does not offer services is not considered a provider, only team members that take their own appointments for specific services are considered providers. 
  2. A Provider can also be a group of people. So if you're a cleaning company with a 3 person crew that takes on a single appointment, then these 3 people are considered a single provider as they offer the service as a group and their schedule is one. You can have multiple groups with their own calendar, they would just be named provider in Setster. 
  3. A provider can be a virtual entity. For example if you rent out a meeting room, a provider in this case is the meeting room. In this case the meeting room will have its own calendar for others to book a time in. 

You can opt to show the provider name to customers when booking if you business needs this function, or you can opt to hide the provider name from customers if you do not require it. 

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