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There are THREE ways to block specific times out of office in Setster.

Option 1

1. Go to |Availability | Set Availability for | Select the provider
2. Click the Add button
3. Select |Type | Out of Office
4. Select | The below schedule is recurring for a defined period of time|
5. Select | Start Date 
6. Select | End Date 
7. Scroll down to the grid
8. On EACH day that you are normally scheduled to work, block the times that you are going to be out of office. 

Option 2

If you're syncing calendars to your personal calendar you can block those times in your Synced calendar as busy entry's and it will block those times in Setster.


Option 3

Create "Personal Time" in the calendar.

To setup personal time:

1. Login to the Setster Admin | Calendar |

2. Select the "New Appointment" green button | Personal Time

3. Fill in the desired information and save.


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