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First you need to make sure you have Locations enabled in your settings.

  1. Go to Settings >> Profile >> Options
  2. Check this option: "Support multiple locations"
  3. Select whether you wish to show a google map view or not to your customer
  4. Save at the bottom of the page. 
Only once you save, will you see the Locations page to the right of the Profile page in the menu as below. 
If you do not see the option to turn on locations in your account, then your subscription may not allow you to create locations. Please get in touch with support if this is the case. 




Now go to Settings > Locations to add your locations or edit them.

Here is what you will find:

  1. Upload photo: You can upload a photo for this specific location. This works well if you have different sub companies with different logos for example. 
  2. Name: Give it a short name. This can be the name of the city your location is in, or a descriptive name. Either way make sure it is easily understood and not too long. 
  3. Description: Describe this place in general. 
  4. Address: Fill in the address. This is optional, as your location can be virtual if you take appointments by phone or online. 
  5. Timezone: Every location can have its own timezone, especially if it differs from your main company timezone specified in Settings. 
  6. Phone: State a phone number where customers can call. This is public and optional for you to enter. 
  7. Email: Also public and is optional. 
  8. Website: Also public and is optional. 
  9. LocationType: This can be keywords separated by a comma. You can state something like: warehouse, conference hall, hotel, shopping mall etc.. 
  10. PayPal Email: You can specify a different PayPal account for each location. For better bookkeeping if your different locations have different PayPal accounts then when a service is booked and paid for a specific location, the money will be sent to this specific PayPal account. 
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