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Welcome to Setster! Let’s get you started setting up your account quickly so you can have a chance to really test Setster. 

You will find links to other articles for a more in-depth look at certain settings. Please make sure to check those out as well. 


Adding Your Business Info

  1. Log in to your account and click on Settings to begin.
  2. Once in Settings you will land on the Profile page. This includes your business information and some optional settings you can configure.
  3. Fill in the fields you wish to make public. Remember, the more you add the more trustworthy your business is perceived.
  4. You will find that the following fields are required to activate your account
    1. Business Name
    2. Business Email
    3. Timezone of your main company. You can set different timezones for each location, but for now the main headquarters timezone is needed. 
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Please Note: On the bottom of this page, you’ll find some optional settings you can use to better customize your booking experience. We recommend you come back later to these, once you’re more familiar.

Add Locations - (optional)
If you operate from several locations and subscribed to a plan that offers this, then you need to add these locations to Setster. Every location can have its own address, timezone as well as a separate PayPal account to accept payments. 

Please Note: If you’re a single location business simply skip this and move on to adding providers.

  1. To add your locations, go to Settings >> Locations (this feature maybe turned off or on in your account >> Profile >> Options) See picture below:
  2. Your first location is already added for you and it is based on the business profile you created. You can edit it.
  3. Click on “Add Location”
  4. In the pop up window fill in the information relevant to this new location
  5. Click save

Full documentation on adding locations can be found here.

Add Providers

  1. Providers are your staff. Every person that offers a service or needs to manage a calendar is a provider.
  2. To add your first provider head on over to Settings >> Providers
  3. Click “Add Provider” on the top right of screen
  4. Fill in their information. Their full name, email, nickname and phone number are required.
  5. You can allow a provider to manage their own account and provide access to features they would utilize only. Select the "Allow to manage account” option to create their login info and select the areas they can manage.
  6. Once you complete a provider profile click save.
  7. Repeat this to add the rest of your team.

Full documentation on adding providers can be found here

Add Services

  1. Adding services you offer is your next step.
  2. Head on over to Settings >> Services to get started
  3. Click on “Add Service”
  4. A service can be a standalone service, or an additional service. Additional services cannot be purchased individually. They must be purchased as an additional product for the service it was added too.
  5. Give a service a name, duration and price. Services can be free or paid. Payment can be required in full or partially, and you can allow customers to pay via PayPal or in cash at time of service.
  6. Detail your service description
  7. Add special instructions to your customers. This will get delivered in the appointment confirmation email.
  8. Add a custom note that will be shown after a the service is booked. This is a custom thank you for booking message.
  9. A great feature are group services. This allows you to set up multiple appointments at the same time. Great for classes, conferences and any group meetings you offer
  10. Before saving a service make sure you check which providers offer this service and in which locations. Setster makes sure that a service booked will be matched with a provider that offers it and his calendar. 
  11. Save

Full documentation on adding services can be found here.

Set Availability
Availability is when a provider can perform a service. Think of it as your opening hours, or days and times you take appointments. This allows Setster to know when you’re free and when you’re out of the office, so that customers can book your available time! Each provider can be setup individually by synching in personal calendars (Introduced in next section).

  1. To set your availability go to Settings >> Availability
  2. Select the provider from the drop down menu and location they are working from, then click add to input their hours.
  3. Select “Available” to set the times in office.
  4. Click and drag on the desired time-slots. Once completed, click save.

Selecting “Out of Office", will allow you to set time off, and selecting custom will allow you to set availability for specific dates and times like vacations or special dates you’re scheduled to work.

Full documentation on setting availability can be found here.

Sync Calendars
A great feature of Setster is the ability to sync your personal calendar with your Setster calendar. This allows you to make sure that your personal appointments are blocked off in Setster and you never over book a time. You can also export the Setster calendar to your personal calendar so you can view it on the go from any device and see all your appointments in a single calendar.

  1. To sync your calendar go to Settings >> Availability
  2. Select your calendar from the import list and click setup calendar.
  3. To export, select your calendar from the export list to send your Setster appointments to your personal calendar and follow the steps to connect both calendars.

Full documentation on syncing calendars can be found here.

Add Setster To Your Website
It’s time to add Setster to your website or blog.
Setster accounts come with their own booking page for the entire business and every provider gets their own as well to direct people to. You can add Setster to your website with a copy and paste of a code. This allows you to capture more leads and possibly more revenue.

  1. From Settings >> Widget, select the widget desired and click on Get the Code.
  2. Here you can select specific locations, providers and services, to filter the widget to offer specific services. 
  3. Once you have the code, simply paste this into the HTML of your website. We recommend adding it right before the /head section, but it can also be added into the body of the page.

Full documentation on adding Setster to your website or blog can be found here.

Now that you have Setster configured and added your site, you’re ready to take appointments!
We hope you found this helpful in getting started, but we understand every business may have specific needs, and most probably Setster can accommodate them. This is why our support staff is always available to help you out every step of the way. Simply fill out the form here to get in touch. 

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