Location Defined


A locations can be either:

  1. A geographical location of your business. If you operate from several offices, companies, or areas then every geographical place is a location. 
  2. A department in your business. If you offer different services per department, then you can use the location feature to set those department. In this case a location is not a geographical place, but acts as a high level for the next services offered. 
  3. A virtual location. Let's say you offer in office support and virtual online or phone support. You can opt to create 2 locations in this case and separate them. The customer will be asked if they wish to book an appointment for an in-office consultation, or a virtual / phone service. 
  4. In some cases locations can be used to define categories. So you can opt to use it as a category selection at first step in the booking process. 

Depending on how your business operates, we can help you decide on the best approach for setting up your locations. Get in touch for help. 


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