Add Widget To Facebook


You can add the Setster booking widget to your Facebook business page very easily using third party tools like the “Static iFrame Tab” By Woobox. 


Below are the simple steps. 


  1. Login to Facebook
  2. In the search field type in Static iFrame Tab
  3. Click on the App
  4. Give the app permission
  5. Select which business page you manage you wish to add the tab to
  6. Once the tab is granted permission you will see the settings area of the app
  7. Under “Page Source” select HTML
  8. Make sure the editor is in “Source” mode and not “Editor” mode
  9. Enter your Setster widget code into the window
  10. Scroll down and give this tab a name. Example “Book Now”
  11. Add an image to your tab. 
  12. Check whether you wish to include any other optional feature they offer. 
  13. Save Settings. 


Once saved, your tab will be live on your Facebook page and it would look something like this. 


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