Adding Availability


To add your availability meaning your working hours and the hours you accept appointment in please follow the following steps. There is also a video you can view below. 

  1. Login to Setster and go to Settings >> Availability
  2. Once in the availability tab, select the correct provider by clicking on the drop down menu next to the words "Set Availability for" and selecting the correct provider. If you have several locations make sure to select the location as well and set availability for each provider in each location. 
  3.  After the correct provider is selected, click the red ADD button to view this page:
  4.  Select Available for available times. 
  5. You can also select Custom to add specific From - To dates to set specific days availability. Great for half days and off normal working hours. 
  6. By Clicking on the cells available under the weekly days and the corresponding times, you will mark in Dark Blue the available times. 
  7. You can click on each cell block or click on a starting time like 9am above and drag down to an ending time in the same day for easier blocking. 
  8. Once you have added all the times make sure to click on the SAVE button.

Please note: 

You can add multiple available times with distinct Custom dates. 




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