Add or Remove Providers/Locations to Subscription


Within the Business, Corporate and Enterprise plans you can add additional providers and locations to your plan.

  1. Login to your Setster account as admin. 
  2. Go to the Subscription page (top right corner)
  3. Click on "Update your credit card and subscription options"
  4. Under the "Add additional service locations or providers" place the desired number of additional needs you require that are above your plan. You will see the additional cost of these that will be added to your overall subscription. 
  5. Confirm your changes by entering your credit card info. This can be a new card your wish to keep on file, or entering your old credit card info.
  6. Click Submit 



Please note, that if you remove additional providers or locations and you already have these providers or locations active in your account, the system will automatically hide them. It is always best to make sure that all appointments in the future with these providers and locations are moved to another location / provider, then delete these providers and locations from your account, then update the number of providers / locations you need under your subscription. 

If you need help with this and any other needs feel free to email our support staff at 

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