Adding a Provider


How to add providers:

  1. Login to Setster and go to Settings>> Providers
  2. You will see the main account owner as the first provider. This person cannot be deleted but can be edited.
  3. Click on Add provider on the far right. 
  4. Fill out the requested information. Please note the following fields are mandatory: First and Last Name - Email address and this needs to be unique - Nickname - Phone.
  5. Next add their social profiles, this will be public to customers. (optional)
  6. Add their Bio, this will be public to customers. (optional)
  7. Upload a picture, this will be public to customers. (optional)
  8. Select if you wish to send appointment notifications via SMS. This is only available for USA phone numbers only. (Optional)
  9. Select if you wish to allow this provider to manage their account and have access to the system. You can either give them access to their own data (manage own) or give them access to everyone's data (manage all). Meaning they would get their own username and password and can login to view and edit either their account data or everyone elses'. Within this option you can choose which areas this provider will be able to manage and see when they login, so you can assign them different roles. 
  10. Next if you have Locations and Services added to the system, you need to select the proper locations and services this provider can take appointments for. 
  11. Last state whether this provider is ACTIVE can take appointments or INACTIVE cannot take appointments. This allows you to deactivate temporarily a specific provider. 
  12. Click SAVE. 


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