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If you're looking to allow customers to request a date and time that is currently not available on your calendar, then the waiting list feature is for you!

Whether you're inviting customers to an event and numbers are limited or you simply need to open up seats gradually then you'll also find the waiting list feature a great plus. And the best part is: its a per service rule, so you decide whether a service should allow it. 


Turn on Waiting List

  1. Go to the edit area of any service
  2. Check the box "Enable waiting list of X attendees"
  3. Set the maximum number of wait list requests (attendees) you wish to allow per date and time.
  4. Click Save. 


What does the customer see?

The customer will see a note "waiting list" next to a date and time that is not available, and if they do decide to select it, they are informed that this would place them on the wait list. 

The email communication is also clear in relaying that they have requested this time and date and they should wait until it is confirmed. 


How to confirm a wait list appointment?

A wait list appointment is clearly marked in your calendar in a new color GRAY and confirming this appointment can be easily done just like any other appointment by changing its status to confirmed. Once the status is changed the customer is informed that their appointment is confirmed. 

Changing the status to Canceled will in return inform the customer that the date and time they requested is unfortunately not available and you have declined it. 


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