Open Availability Gradually

Setster allows customers to book 365 days in the future, but you can limit this to only show your availability to any number of days you please.

So you can force a customer to book an appointment within this coming month, week or days and open your availability gradually. And the best part, it's a per Service or Event rule, so you decide whether a service should allow it. 

Setting your account preference

  1. Go to Settings >> Options >> Service Rules >> Show calendar availability only X days in future
  2. Edit the number you see to anything you please. 
  3. Click Save

 If you entered 7 as the number then the calendar will only show the available times within the next 7 days. Every day the calendar will automatically open the next day for booking to keep 7 days open at all times.

Editing this per service or event

  • Go to Settings >> Services
  • Select a service or event or click Add to create a new one
  • Scroll down to Service Specific Rules 
  • Edit the Show calendar availability only X days in future
  • Click Save

What does the customer see?

The customer will see the same calendar they are used to, but with less availability. So if you stated to only show 7 days in the future, then they will see the next 7 days and the availability within those 7 days only. 


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