Add Booking to your Facebook business page


Please note, there are two methods for adding Setster to your Facebook Business page: you can add a Book Now button that links to your booking page (on your website or within Setster) OR embed the Setster scheduling widget in a custom tab within Facebook. We recommend using both methods for optimum results as that is allowed.

Adding a Book Now button

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click the blue + Add a Button button, beneath and to the right of your header image. 
  3. Under  Book with you >> Select Book now from the available options
  4. Click the Next button >> Under Select Booking Tool choose Link to Website or Setster if this is available to you.
  5. There you will enter your own booking page URL, or your Setster URL . You can find this URL by navigating to Settings >> Business Info in your Setster account.
  6. Click Save to update the changes on your Facebook profile

Embedding the Setster page in a custom tab

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. In the search field type in Static HTML iFrame Tabs or simply click here:
  3. Click Add Static HTML to a page
  4. Select your Business Page from the dropdown and click “Add Page Tab”.
  5. On the next page, click the Set up Tab button
  6. Click Edit Tab
  7. Copy and paste the embed code into the Static HTML: iframe tabs app. To get your Setster code, log into Setster, go to Settings >> Integrate >> Website or Blog >> Select Embed and copy the code by clicking on the code.
  8. Click Save and Publish 

You should now see your Setster scheduling page embedded on your Facebook Business Page. 


Note: Facebook requires pages to have at least 2,000 followers before adding a custom page tab. If you see a warning like 'This page does not have permission to install the custom tab' it means that you haven't reached 2,000 followers yet. This was a decision made by Facebook and we have no authority to change or lower the requirement.

For the best experience, use the "Add a button" method, described above.

For more information, please do get in touch. 



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