Upcoming Setster Scheduled Maintenance

In our continued effort to improve Setster, we are performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday October 22, 2019 at 3:00am EDT. The maintenance includes an upgrade to our infrastructure and database to empower us with more flexibility to continue to grow the Setster offerings.

As a result, the application may not be unavailable during a two and a half hour window from 3:00am to 5:30am EDT. During this time, the Setster service may not be accessible to all, and attempts to schedule appointments may be delayed. Please see below for different connections:

Setster Booking Widget
If you are using the widget to schedule appointments, a "maintenance" message will appear to your customers and will automatically refresh once the maintenance is completed.

Setster API
The API will also be unreachable with a 5xx response code. All sessions tokens will be terminated, and your application will need to retry and authenticate to retrieve a new session token. For more information please view our API documentation >> Account >> Authenticate

Setster website and application
During this time, the Setster website and application may not be accessible and a Temporary Down for Maintenance message will appear.

Setster IP's
If for any reason you were relying on the Setster IP's within your applications, please note those IP's will change and will be dynamic so any reliance on such IPs will end.

If you have any questions, please connect with our support staff by creating a ticket.

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