Detecting Customer Timezone

Detecting Customer Timezone

Setster can auto detect your customer timezone when they are scheduling using our widget. This information is received from their connection, usually their ISP or mobile network that they are using. This signal is sent to us and we then can offer the available times for booking within their own timezone. This is a standard feature within Setster, but you can allow for turning it off as below.

Alerting Customer

You can turn on/off alerting the customer when we detect that they are on a different timezone than your business. They can then confirm their timezone, and by doing so eliminating any issue of appointments not being booking at the correct time. If turned off, then the customer will see the times available in the timezone of your business and will be booking using that timezone. 

Turn on/off customer timezone detection

  1. Log in to Setster
  2. Go to Settings >> Options >> Timezone 
  3. Toggle between Show/Hide timezone detection during booking
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Timezone Detection 

Setster detects the user's timezone based on the device or browser they are using. This information comes in from their ISP or in case of a mobile phone the network they are using. Sometime this is not detected correctly especially if their ISP is not considering daylight saving time. We recommend you turn on the above alert to help eliminate any issues.  


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