Paypal Shows Payment Collected, But Not Setster

If you're using PayPal to accept payment for appointments, we send customers to PayPal to complete their payment. This is done via PayPal Standard.

Once the customer pays, the PayPal servers would send us what is called an IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Sometimes, server to server communication is interrupted, and other times PayPal has issues with IPN's not being sent. Usually they state these on their website here

When this happens and we do not receive a confirmation of payment, the appointment in Setster stays marked as unpaid. Below are steps to try and resolve that. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Login into your PayPal account
  2. Click on My Account > Profile > Selling Preferences > Instant Payment Notification > Preferences
  3. Make sure the IPN is enabled. If it is not you need to edit it and enable it.
  4. Click on Save. A confirmation message should appear that states: You have successfully activated Instant Payment Notification. 
The above will confirm that you turned on the feature for PayPal to send us back this info. Now we need to see if we can retrieve any payments that were not sent back to Setster previously.
  1. Go to IPN history on the same page
  2. You should see all IPN's that were sent and others that were not sent. 
  3. Choose whether or not to resend those that were not sent 

* Please note: If you do not see Instant Payment Notification Preferences under the Selling Preferences in your PayPal account, double check if this is worded differently in your account as different PayPal regions have different wording. You also need to check if you have set up a personal account with PayPal as this option is not available in Personal and only available in PayPal Business accounts.

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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