Overview dashboard

The Overview extracts all of your Setster activity in real time and gives you a better understanding of your business as a whole, as well as a complete view on the impact of each of your staff member's activity. You can see at a glance how your scheduling is performing—across one or all providers and locations, and you can switch between daily, weekly and monthly view.

The following metrics are shown in the Overview section:

Appointments - Shows the total number of appointments for the selected timeframe, provider and location. You can see how many appointments were booked, completed or canceled.

AvailabilityShows the total number of hours that are available for the selected timeframe, provider and location.

Clients - Shows the total number of new and returning clients within the selected timeframe.

Revenue - Here you'll be able to see your revenue for the selected timeframe, location and provider. It includes the revenue for completed, booked, canceled and no show appointments.

Services - Lists all your services and how many were booked within This period (current month/week/day), Last period and Overall.

Activity - Lists all the appointments booked for the selected provider/location and timeframe.


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