Custom Button For Widget

Setster offers the pop-up / overlay version with an option of a red button. We understand that our button may not be ideal for your website design, so you can use your own custom button, word or even image to trigger the widget to open on your website. 

Using A Custom Button

Step 1 - Add the Code

  1. Login into Setster
  2. Go to Settings >> Integrate >> Website or Blog 
  3. Select Appointment Button Position Hidden
  4. Add your preferred widget settings for Staff, Locations and Services. More info here.
  5. Copy and paste the code just before the </body> closing tag as outlined here.

STEP 2 - Call The Widget

Create your button (word, image or any object) that you wish to open the Setster booking widget with, then use the following JavaScript call to call the widget to open. when applying this to any button, image or item within your site and this object is clicked, the Setster widget will appear.

Java Script Call:;

Example of a complete code: 

<a href="javascript:;" onclick="; return false;">Book Appointment</a>

The above will show the words "Book Appointment" and when clicked on this word the widget would open.

This can also be done to an image

<a href=";" onclick="; return false;"><img src="..."></a>

Where ... is the image source in your website.

Have something specific in mind we did not cover? We would be happy to help you out.

For more info, please do get in touch. 



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