Advanced Widget Parameters

The available parameters that can be added to the Setster code are the available options you see when you go to Settings >> Integrate >> Website or Blog

Here is a recap of those and more advanced options below them.

Select Appointment Button Position: This is where the Setster appointment tab would appear. You have the option of: Left, Right, Hidden or Embed. 

    • Hidden allows you to add the code without the button then create your own button, word or image on your own site to open the appointment widget. Instructions on this found here. This is a great way to keep the look of your site your own.
    • There is also an embed option, if you wish to embed the booking widget into a page. Instructions on this found here. This looks similar to how a YouTube video looks like on a website as part of the page when it loads.
    • Left or Right: You have the option of adding an 'Appointment' button on your site that when clicked will open the widget as a pop-up/overlay.  Click on the dark grey "Left" or "Right" button to see all the available options.

Appointment Button Text: Choose from Appointment, Schedule, Calendar, Availability and Book Now. This is the text that will be shown in the Setster appointment button you selected above. Hidden or Embed do not give you this option.

Select Staff: If you have more than one staff member in your team, you can choose to show only this specific member within a specific widget. So you can add the code to different pages or areas on your site with specific staff member predefined. Great if you have a larger team, and you’re adding the widget to specific pages that relate to these members. To allow booking with any staff member, simply leave the option unchecked.

Select Locations: Same as staff, it allows you to predefine the locations. So you can have the widget defined for a specific location or multiple. This is perfect if you have multiple locations and you want to add the code to different pages on your website with locations predefined. To allow booking at any location, simply leave the option unchecked.

Select Services: This option allows you to filter the services. So you can have the widget defined for a specific service or multiple. This is perfect if your customer has already selected this service from your website, for example you can create a button on your site that states "Click here to schedule a demo" and they widget will only open with "demo" as the service defined.

Return URL: You can set a return URL so when the customers complete the booking and click the Close button, they are taken back to any page you wish to send them to. Again keeping them engaged on your site and leading them to the next steps.


Additional Parameters

If you wish to fill out variables like the customer name and email address for them or pass on hidden fields, and pre-fill the booking widget with your customer info you can populate the fields within the code as you wish.

This is a great feature if you're adding the booking widget behind logged in access, and you already have your customer details. or if you wish to pass hidden details regarding your analytics or simply offer a more personalized experience.

Below is an image of this and you can download the attached file "Passing Variable" for these details, below the article. 


If you wish to add more parameters please contact our support team, as we can never guarantee any parameters that you add personally to work or continue working if they are not supported by us and mentioned above. 

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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