Request Appointment vs Automatically Confirm Appointment

Each type of service or event allows you to specify whether you wish to automatically confirm appointments (default) or manually confirm appointments.

The difference between manual and automatic confirmations of an appointment is simple:

Automatically confirming an appointment
When a client selects a time from your available calendar, and an appointment is booked, the appointment is automatically "confirmed" in your Setster calendar, and the client is also notified of this. This automates the process and eliminates any need to confirm appointments manually. 

Manually confirming an appointment
If you wish to accept or decline appointments as they come in, then you can allow for the manual confirmation of appointments. The client receives an email letting them know that their "unconfirmed" appointment has been put on the calendar and that they will be notified when it has been confirmed by the provider. This feature ensures your autonomy and that a commitment to an appointment will not be made without you first consenting to it.
If you decline you will be asked to give a note that will be included with the decline notification. If you choose to accept the appointment then the client is also notified of this. 

Please note:

  • With both options you can reschedule or cancel if the options is present in your settings.
  • Every type of Service or Event can have this option specific to it.
  • Whether confirmed or unconfirmed, an appointment in your Setster calendar will block this time from being scheduled by someone else unless you decline the appointment which will open the time for another booking.

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