Booking Form


Booking Form

During booking your customer sees a form that may or may not be pre-filled for them. This what they would generally see with filled info:

  • Date - This is the date they selected, and may not be hidden.
  • Time - This is the time they selected, and may not be hidden.
  • Price - If the service they requested has a price above zero then the price is shown and may not be hiddden.
  • Staff Date - If the timezone of the customer was different from the timezone of the location, then this can be optionally shown.
  • Shows the location name at booking and can be optionally hidden.
  • Shows service name at booking and can be optionally hidden.
Create Custom Booking Forms

You can require information from your customers when they are booking and ask them to answer questions to help you get prepared for your appointment and know more about them.

These custom fields you create are available in all Setster plans and can be found in Settings >> Profile >> Booking Form 

Setster requires Name and Email at a minimum, but you can opt to add more:

Available Fields are:

  • Name - Required 
    Email - Required
    Phone - Optional
    Address - Optional

Create your own booking fields

Apart from the above you can create your own custom fields. 

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add button
  2. Then select a "Type" for the custom field. You can pick from:
    • Text - Single Line Text Area.
    • MultiLine - Multiple Lines Text Area.
    • Phone - Numeric text field for an additional phone number
    • Email - Email text field that requires the @ symbol for an additional email you require. If you create this field, then all customer communication via email will also be sent to these additional email addresses the customer provides as a CC.
    • Address - This will create multiple text areas for City, State, Zip and Street Address for an additional address field.
    • Hidden - Hidden custom fields are not shown to the customer and can be used so you can pass hidden specific parameters via the booking widget. More info on advanced parameters can be found here.
    • Title - If you select Title, then we will create a Title separator for the custom fields so you can label them into sections.
  3. Next give your field a Name. This is the title the customer sees.
  4. Give your Custom field a Hint - This is where you can explain what you need the customer to enter.
  5. Set a maximum character count - This is the maximum character count that the customer can type in the field. 
  6. Click Save
  7. You can then decide whether this field is Required or Optional during the booking process. 
  8. Save again at the bottom of the page.


Exporting Custom Field Data

You can export the data submitted into these custom fields via the export function found under the Reports page. Select the appointments then simply click on download to csv to retrieve a list of these appointments. 

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