Add Location

To add a location to your account follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your Setster account
  2. Go to Settings >> Locations
  3. Click the Add button and enter the below relevant fields
  4. Type: Select the desired location type. The difference between the two types is explained here.
    1. Physical (geographical)
    2. Virtual
  5. Name: Give it a short name. This can be the name of the city your location is in, or a descriptive name. Either way make sure it is easily understood and not too long.
  6. Website: This is public and optional. 
  7. Email: This is public and optional. 
  8. Phone: This is public and optional.
  9. Address: Fill in the address. This is mandatory for Physical locations only.
  10. Timezone: Every location can have its own timezone, especially if it differs from your main company timezone specified in Settings >> Business Info
  11. PayPal Email: You can specify a different PayPal account for each location. For better bookkeeping if your different locations have different PayPal accounts then when a service is booked and paid for a specific location, the money will be sent to this specific PayPal account. 
  12. Description: Describe this location in general. This is public and optional.
  13. Photo: You can upload a photo for each location. This is public and optional.
  14. Make sure to click Save.

For more info, please do get in touch.

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