Staff Defined

Staff can mean different things in different business models:

  1. Staff Member - Most common scenario is a business team / staff member. You can create staff members and they will each get their own calendar. Each one of your staff members will have their own schedule and services they provide and can be linked to multiple locations. An assistant or receptionist that does not offer services is still considered a staff member but will need to be set as INACTIVE (does not take appointments). For example: John Smith.
  2. Group or Department - Staff can also be a group of people. So if you business operates in teams or departments for a single appointment, then this team is considered a single staff member as they offer the service as a group and their calendar and schedule is one.  For example: HR Department.
  3. Virtual Entity - A staff member can be a virtual entity. For example if you rent out a meeting room, a staff member in this case is the meeting room. The meeting room will have its own calendar for others to book a time in. In this case you would name a staff member "Meeting Room A" for example.

Keep in mind if your business operates generically you can name your staff to match. For example "Clerk" or "Shopping Assistant". You can also opt to show the staff members to your clients during the booking process, or you can opt to hide them if you wish to keep things generic. More info on the different booking options found here.

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