Adding a Staff Member

How to create a staff member

  1. Login to Setster and go to Settings >> Staff
  2. Click on the Add button
  3. Fill out the requested information. Please note some fields are mandatory as outlined
    1. First and last name (mandatory)
    2. Email (mandatory and can be set to private).
    3. Phone (mandatory and can be set to private).
    4. Job Title (optional)
    5. ACTIVE can take appointments or INACTIVE does not take appointments. This option also allows you to temporarily deactivate a specific staff member.
    6. Set Access and Roles. Instructions found here.
    7. Assign Services and Locations that this staff member offers. Instructions found here.
    8. Confirm their Availability (hours they can take appointments). Instructions found here.
    9. Sync the Setster calendar to their personal/business calendar. Instructions found here.
    10. Complete their Bio, this will be public to customers. (optional)
    11. Upload a picture, this will be public to customers. (optional) JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all accepted. The maximum image size for your event image is 440px by 440px, so anything bigger will be automatically resized to fit, and we recommend square images.
    12. Input their social profiles, this will be public to customers. (optional)
    13. Confirm their nickname. This is their personal booking page URL. (mandatory)
    14. Activate or deactivate SMS notifications. Instructions found here.
    15. Click Save.

For more info, please do get in touch.

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