Block Time Off

There are three options available to block specific times as out of office in Setster and block your calendar from booking.

Option 1 - Add Out Of Office under Availability

  1. Login to Setster and go to Settings >> Staff
  2. Select the staff member you wish to edit availability for and click Edit.
  3. Once in the staff edit page, scroll to the Availability Schedule section.
  4. Select the location you wish to add the out of office for (if this member is assigned to multiple locations)
  5. Click the Add button
  6. In the next view, confirm the location previously selected and change the type to Out Of Office
  7. Select if this availability will repeat indefinitely every week or whether this will be a specific date window
  8. If Date Interval is selected, input the start and end date. This can be the same day for a single day availability.
  9. On each day that you are normally scheduled to work, block the times that you are going to be out of office by clicking on the cells available under the weekly days and the corresponding times in the grid, you will mark each cell in a red color as unavailable time. (Note you can click and move the mouse to select multiple cells at a time).
  10. Once you have added all the times make sure to click on the SAVE button.

Option 2 - Use Synced calendars

If the staff member is syncing their personal or business calendar with their Setster calendar, then they can block off time in their personal/business calendar that is synced with Setster as BUSY entry's and it will block those times in your Setster calendar for each location they are assigned to. This is beneficial to block time in multiple locations and to manage a calendar remotely. 

Option 3 - Create "Personal Time" in the the Setster calendar

  1. Login to Setster and go to Calendar
  2. Select the Location from the top left drop down menu
  3. Select the "New New" button
  4. Select Personal Time option
  5. Select the staff member 
  6. Enter the starting date
  7. Enter the starting time
  8. Enter the duration of the personal time. For example 2 hours or 1 hour 30 minutes. 
  9. Click Save 

For more info, please do get in touch. 


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