Company Wide Holiday Blocking

You can block days for all providers for public holidays and company wide shut downs. 

This is available under Settings >> Business Profile >> Public Holidays

We start you off with a list of known US public holidays that you can edit as you please.


Adding a Public Holiday

  1. Go to Settings >> Business Profile >> Public Holidays
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Give the Holiday a name
  4. Select whether this will be a day in the month like Thanksgiving would be the 4th Thursday in November, or a specific date like Christmas would be December 25, 2018. 
  5. Once your day is specified click Save.


Activating a Public Holiday

Creating the holidays is one thing, but turning them on is another. You would need to make sure that the checkmark next to the holiday is checked to activate it. 



Editing a Holiday

Simply click on the Holiday and highlight it in blue, then click on the Edit button. Do any changes necessary and Save


Deleting a Holiday

You can either deactivate a holiday by unchecking it, or you can simply click on the holiday and highlighting it in blue to activate the delete button. Once you click delete the holiday will be removed from the list.  

For more info, please do get in touch. 


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