Syncing Setster With Google Calendar

To sync your Setster calendar with your Google Calendar, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log into your Setster Account
  2. Go to SETTINGS >> Staff
  3. Select a Provider to highlight it
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Scroll down to the "Calendar Sync" area and click the grey button to activate the option.


Step 1 - Import

  1. Under "Import Calendar From" select Google >> Setup 
  2. A pop up will appear
  3. Click on "Grant Access to Setster"
  4. Sign into the Google account if you're not already.
  5. Click on "Accept" to allow access.
  6. You will see a list of calendars (if you have several), select the calendar(s) name you wish to sync. (Note: syncing Holiday calendars is not recommended)
  7. Click Save

Once you have completed the above you can move on to the export area.


Step 2 - Export

  1. Under Export Calendar To select > Google > Setup 
  2. A pop up will appear.
  3. It should already have the same calendar you checked above selected. If not, find it from the drop down list and click SAVE to confirm.

 Final Steps

  1. Check the Export “Personal Time” calendar items to Google as an optional add-on, this will send any personal time you have added in Setster to your Google Calendar. 
  2. Check the option to "Automatically remove canceled appointments" if you wish your cancelled appointments to automatically be removed from your Google calendar. 
  3. Hit the Sync Now button and then click SAVE at the bottom of the page to save everything.

Tip - You can email instructions to Staff members and they can sync their own calendars with Setster. Simply check that option before saving.  

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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