Syncing Setster with other Internet Calendars


Internet Calendars are calendars that are shared through the Internet. Setster requires a published calendar URL that we can read from. This link is an Internet web address that begins with webcal:// and ends with a file name that has the .ics file extension. If this calendar is not connected somewhere on the internet, then we cannot access it. Depending on what calendar you use, instructions on creating a published link can be provided by our support team.

To sync your Setster calendar with any Internet Calendar, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Setster Account
  2. Go to SETTINGS >> Staff
  3. Select a Provider to highlight it
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Scroll down to the "Calendar Sync" area and click the grey button to activate the option

Step 1 - Import

  1. Under "Import Calendar From" select Internet Calendar
  2. Paste your calendar link within the Calendar URL field 
  3. Click Save.

Once you have completed the above you can move on to the export area.


Step 2 - Export

  1. Under Export Calendar To select > Internet Calendar
  2. In the Calendar URL field, you will locate the Setster calendar link that you can subscribe to via any calendar application to export appointments.
  3. The Reset Button will reset this link and create a new one if needed.

 Final Steps

  1. Check the option to "Automatically remove canceled appointments" if you wish your canceled appointments to automatically be removed from your Internet calendar. 
  2. Hit the Sync Now button and be sure to save the employee in order for all changes to take effect

Tip - You can email instructions to Staff members and they can sync their own calendars with Setster. Simply check that option before saving.  

For more info, please do get in touch. 


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