Syncing Setster With iCloud Calendar

To sync a calendar available on iCloud with your Setster calendar please follow the steps below:
Import from iCloud to Setster

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the calendar you wish to import into Setster
  • Once viewing the calendar, click the signal icon next to the correct calendar
  • Under Calendar Sharing click on Public Calendar
  • Grab the link shown

  • Login to your Setster account and go to Settings >> Staff
  • Select correct provider and click the Edit button
  • Scroll down to Calendar Sync section
  • Under Import Calendar From, select Internet Calendar and paste link within the Calendar URL field.
  • If the link starts with webcal change it to https. So simply replace the word webcal with https.
  • Click Sync Now to complete the import


Export from Setster to iCloud

This part is unfortunately not as simple as the above, as iCloud only allows you to subscribe to calendar using a the Apple Calendar App on Mac, then they would push this calendar to iCloud. So you will need an Apple computer to do the following:
  • Login to your Setster account and go to Settings >> Staff
  • Select correct provider and click the Edit button 
  • Scroll down to the Calendar Sync section
  • Under Export Calendar To, select Internet Calendar and copy link within the Calendar URL field. Here you can also optionally check the "Remove canceled appointments from personal calendar" if you wish to have them automatically removed and "Email instructions to service provider"
  • From the Apple Calendar App, click File >> New Calendar Subscription

  • In the window that appears enter the calendar URL that you copied from Setster

  • In the next window name your calendar and select iCloud from the location field then make sure to set the Auto Refresh to 5 minutes. If you do not have iCloud option in the location field, then you need to configure iCloud Calendar under Calendar >> Accounts >> iCloud.

  • Click OK
  • Only future appointments will import into Outlook

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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