Setster and Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier (rhymes with happier) empowers you to connect Setster with the other apps. As a user-friendly web service, you are able to connect different applications you use every day to Setster.

Ever wished for your own development team that can custom build a connection between applications so you can automate your workflows and simplify your life? Well with Zapier you don't need a development team, you can do it yourself.

How does Zapier Work?

Zapier thinks about software integrations in terms of “Triggers” and “Actions.” Activity in one app triggers a resulting action in another app, without you needing to do any work.

Connecting two apps together is called making a “Zap.” Zapier lives in the middle, monitoring your triggers and initiating actions in whatever workflow you establish.

With Setster and Zapier, when an appointment is created, rescheduled or canceled within your Setster account, those appointment details are sent via the zaps you created in Zapier to the applications you chose. Simple as that!

What applications can I connect with Setster using Zapier?

Zapier offers over 1400 applications and growing, with thousands of triggers and actions, so the possibilities are endless. We've created some popular zaps templates that we know you'd find useful, but we can't wait to see what applications you connect Setster to.

How to connect Setster to Zapier

We recommend getting familiar with Zapier, and some additional reading on creating a zap and make sure you have a Zapier account

Once in your account look for the “Make a Zap” button on the top.

Zapier prides itself on providing a very intuitive and easy interface for new users to build integrations. Each small step is fully explained in the Zap Editor, and Zapier requires every Zap to be built slowly, step-by-step.

You are first asked to “Choose a Trigger App" and ss explained at the beginning of this tutorial, Zapier is organized into Triggers and Actions.

Setster includes the following actions and triggers:

  • Trigger - New Appointment Create
  • Trigger - Appointment Rescheduled
  • Trigger - Appointment Canceled
  • Action - Add personal time

This means that if you search for “Setster” in the search box, its logo should appear. Once in the Zap Editor, you may choose the Setster app to be the trigger or the action. Once you’ve chosen your Trigger, you will proceed step-by-step to choose a receiving Action, which can be any one of several different apps that make sense to you.

Once you get into the Zapier “Triggers and Actions” mindset, you’ll come up with all sorts of new ways to make the Setster app useful to your team and we'd love to hear all about them.

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