Google Analytics

You can connect your Setster account to your Google Analytics account for optimized tracking.

Connect your Google Analytics account

  1. Login to your Setster account
  2. Go to Settings >> Payments & API >> Google Analytics
  3. Enter your Google Analytics ID. This starts with UA-
  4. Save at the bottom of the page 

Once this is done, any new appointment made will be registered in your Google Analytics account under Events. 

Viewing your appointments in Google Analytics

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account
  2. Go to Behavior >> Events >> Overview
  3. Under Event Category you will see "Setster Appointment"
  4. Under Event Action you will see the service name booked. 
  5. Under Event Label you will see the appointment ID booked. 

Implementing Google Analytics cross domain tracking if you're seeing the referral of the event as self referral

If you're seeing your own domain name as a source referral to these appointments in Google Analytics, then you need to implement cross domain tracking on your side. 

Cross domain tracking allows Google Analytics to keep the main source referral of the visit through the entire booking process so you can generate true reporting on where these conversions came from. 

So for example:

Domain A is a blogger that wrote about your service or is a website that you're advertising on. 

Domain B is your own domain. 

Domain C is your setster booking widget domain. 

If a user lands on domain A and clicks on a link to go to your own domain (Domain B) then uses the Setster booking widget to book an appointment, Google Analytics shows this as a referral from Domain B, and not Domain A. 

To keep the referral in tact, you need to implement the following steps:

1. Set up Referral Exclusions in Google Analytics for your own domain name. Please see this article for help.

2. Change the Google Analytics code on all the pages that you have the Setster widget added to the attached Google Analytics code in the file below. 

Once both of these is set, you should start seeing the true referral of appointments that are booked in the future. 

Please note that some older browsers do not support Google Analytics cross domain tracking, thus some self referrals may still show. This is not something we are in control over, since this is Google's technology and older browsers do not support it.   



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