Customize email notifications


Email notifications are triggered by events, like a new appointment being scheduled, or an appointment being canceled or rescheduled. They are sent to you (the account owner), your Staff, or your customers, depending on your notification settings (Settings >> Options) 

Below are two options for effectively customize email notifications:

A. Include text that will be delivered in the emails as instructions based on the service the client books for, so everyone arrives prepared. 

  1. Go to Settings >> Services
  2. Click to edit a service
  3. Under the area named "Instructions", you can insert the desired text. This is not shown while booking but will be sent in the email. 
  4. Click the button Save once done.

B. Customize all email notifications with the Setster Large Business plan. You can edit the HTML of your emails and personalize the messages to include additional appointment details, add in images and links, your company logo and other important information. 


For more information, please do get in touch. 

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