Customer Notifications

Setster automatically sends your customers email notifications when an appointment is scheduled, canceled, or changed/rescheduled. 

Here are all the available customer notifications:

1. Client confirmation email - This is sent when either the client or admin/staff adds an appointment to the calendar.

2. Pending approval email - This is sent to client after an appointment is booked and based on the service settings in Setster, the appointment goes to the staff member for approval. An email is then sent as soon as the staff member accepts or denies the appointment.

3. Pending payment email - This is sent when the appointment requires a payment and it includes a PayPal link to pay for the service. More information on payment options, found here.

4. Re-schedule appointment confirmation email - This is sent sent to client after an appointment is edited or re-scheduled either by client or admin/staff.

5. Appointment reminder email  - Sent to client prior to an appointment to reduce no-show. More information of setting up reminders, found here.

6. Cancellation email -This is sent to client after an appointment is cancelled.

7. Email Verification after scheduling an appointment - Sent when customer is required to verify his email address prior to confirming the appointment. You can turn off email verification by selecting the option to confirm customer email by typing it twice in Settings >> Options >> Customer Notifications.

To turn off all customer notifications, go to Settings >> Options >>Customer Notifications >> Switch to Inactive.


Note: Customer SMS Notifications are available via the Twilio integration. To read more about the integration, please visit our support article here.

For more information, please do get in touch. 

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