Reminder Notifications

You can activate email reminders to be sent out in Settings >> Options >> Customer Notifications >> Send appointment reminders X hours in advance. This is a great way to remind customers in advance of their appointment and reduce no shows. Default is 24 hours.

If you wish to set a specific reminder time for each service or event, you can do so simply by going to Settings >> Services >> Edit any service or event >> Turn on Service Rules >> Send appointment reminders X hours in advance

Please note that if the Service Specific Rules are turned off in the Service then the account wide settings will be in effect. If they are turned on, then the service rule will be in effect. 

When setting up email reminders, always remember to take your cancellation policy into consideration. If you allow appointments to be cancelled within less than 12-hours notice, for example, you should make sure to set the email reminder prior to that time.

Note: If you are a Large Business user, you can customize the email templates that are sent out to your clients under the Emails menu. For more information, please check out our guide here 

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