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What is a Service

A service differs from an event in which it can be booked anytime during available hours. This is something you offer all the time you are open to accept appointments.

How to create a Service

  1. Go to Settings >> Services
  2. Click the "Add Service" button to add your first service.
  3. Select Service icon (for information on Events and Add-ons click here) then complete the requested information.
    1. Service Name: This is the name of the service as your customer sees it. Make it clear, short and understandable.
    2. Duration: How long will this service last for in hours and minutes.
    3. Price: The full price of the service. If left at 0 then this will be a free service.
    4. Deposit: Depending on your payment method, you can ask clients to either pay the full price or a fixed price for a deposit. More info on payment options found here
    5. Duration: How long will this service last for in hours and minutes.
    6. Description: This is the description of the service your customer will see when booking the appointment. Keep it short yet inviting.
    7. Instructions for client: What you insert here is not shown during the booking process, but is sent to the customer in the email confirmation. A great way to request they come prepared or give them instructions on where to meet.
    8. Thank you message:What you insert here will only be shown at the "Thank you for booking" page at the end of booking. 
    9. Upload service image:  JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all accepted. The maximum image size for your service image is 440px by 440px, so anything bigger will be automatically resized to fit, and we recommend square images.
    10. Service Specific Rules: Every service that you offer can have its own specific rules. The defaults are defined in one place under Settings >> Options >> Service Rules - But here you can specify if you wish to override those defaults per service. More info on this found here

For more info, please do get in touch.

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