Service / Event Booking Rules

Setster offers a set of rules that can be set account wide for all services and events. These are defined under Settings >> Options >> Service Rules

But here you can specify if you wish to override those defaults per service or event. To do so simply go to Settings >> Services >> Edit any service or event

If the Service Specific Rules are turned off in the service then the account wide settings will be in effect. If they are turned on, then the service rule will be in effect. 

Available Rules

Service can be booked up to X hours in advance: This option allows you to set a number of hours before an appointment can be booked. For example, you can ask for a 24 hour advance, so customers can only book an appointment 24 hours form the time of booking. Default is 3 hours.

Service can be rescheduled by customers X hours in advance: This is the maximum time allowance before a customer can opt to reschedule an appointment they already booked to another date and time. 0 = cannot be rescheduled

Service can be canceled by customers X hours in advance: This is the maximum time allowance before a customer can opt to cancel an appointment they already booked with you. 0 = cannot be canceled.

Service is not automatically confirmed: If this is on then any appointments will not be confirmed to your customer, until you manually confirm you wish to take this appointment. Your customer will receive an email that the appointment was requested, and is awaiting your confirmation. You will also receive and email to confirm this appointment. To change this, toggle between 'not automatically' and 'automatically'.

Service requires X minutes prep or cleanup time: Appointment padding is a great way to give you some time between appointments to gather your thoughts and prepare for the next appointment. For example, if you select 30 minutes, then we will block off 30 minutes before and after each appointment so no other appointment can be made during that time. 0 = no prep or cleanup time added.

Flexible appointment start time of X minutes: If you wish to take appointments that start 5 minutes after the hour, or at 10 or even 15 minutes intervals. Depending on what you state here you can start taking appointments at 1:05 or even 1:25, otherwise Setster will offer times that can optimize your day for the most appointments. 0 = Setster to optimize your appointments and fit as many appointments as possible in a day.

Show calendar availability only X days in future: This option will only show your calendar x days in the future and wont allow booking past that date. Default is 365 days.

Service can allow for X waiting list booking: This feature allows your customers to request a date and time that is currently not available on your calendar. You can set the maximum number of wait list requests (attendees) you wish to allow per date and time. 1 = no wait list available. More information on waiting list found here. 0

Service with price can't be paid in person: This option gives your customer a choice to pay with cash when they come in to their appointment.To change this, toggle between 'can't' and 'can'.

Send appointment reminders X hours in advance: Setster sends automated reminder emails based on the hour you specify to remind your customer. This is a great way to lessen no shows. Default is 24 hours.

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