Add-On Services

What is an Add-On Service

An additional service is a service the customer can opt to add when booking. These are usually extra time, or an extra service that can only be done if a default service is asked for. An additional service can never be booked alone, but it can be set to a specific pre-existing service as an add on.

How to create an add-on service

  1. Go to Settings >> Services
  2. Click the Add Service" button
  3. Click the Add On icon to add your additional service and complete the requested information.
  4. Service Name: This is the name of the additional service service as your customer sees it. Make it clear, short and understandable.
  5. Price: The full price of the add-on. If left at 0 then this will be a free extra service.
  6. Duration: Set how much additional time is added to the appointment if clients choose an add-on. This can be left at zero (don't add time to the appointment).
  7. Description: This is the description of the extra service your customer will see when booking the appointment. Be descriptive and informative. 
  8. Services that have this add-on: Select the service you offer add-ons for so that clients can book the add-on with their appointments when scheduling. 

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