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What is an Event

An event differs from a service in which it occurs in specific dates and times. This can be a single occurring event like a conference, or it can be a event that you only provide in certain times (morning only on specific days) or outside of business hours.

How to create an event

  1. Go to Settings >> Services
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Select the Event icon from the type then complete the requested information:
    1. Event Name: This is the name of the event as your customer sees it. Make it clear, short and understandable.
    2. Duration: How long will this event last for in hours and minutes.
    3. Price: The full price of the event. If left at 0 then this will be a free event.
    4. Deposit: Depending on your payment method, you can ask clients to either pay the full price or a fixed price for a deposit. More info on payment options found here.
    5. Description: This is the description of the event your customer will see when booking the appointment. Keep it short yet inviting.
    6. Instructions for client:What you insert here is not shown during the booking process, but is sent to the customer in the email confirmation. A great way to request they come prepared or give them instructions on where to meet.
    7. 'Thank you' message: What you insert here will only be shown at the "Thank you for booking" page at the end of booking. 
    8. Maximum attendees: This number will reflect the number of people you will allow to book this event for the same date and time. For on occasional event it is the number of your invited participants.  Setster will not book appointments for that event once that limit is reached. More info on group appointments found here.
    9. Event Schedule: Click the Add button to add your event schedule. You are now prompted to add your new schedule. Complete the requested information.
      • Repeat availability: 
        • None: Use this if your event is only on a specific date. For example if it is a webinar, then select the day and time. This event will not be available on any other day or time.
        • Weekly: Use this if your event is on specific days of the week. Like Mondays and Wednesdays between 8am and 5pm. Here you can also opt to set it forever, so it is ongoing, or specify a date range where this would be offered in.
        • Monthly: Just like weekly above, you can set specific days for this event. Like the 5th of every month or the first week of January if set with an interval of in between. 
      • Set your hours: Set your event's availability in hours and minutes.
    10. Booking Visibility: This option allows you to set a start and end date for an event. So if you have a promotional event that will expire you can set the beginning date that you wish this event to appear, and the end date which the event will then be removed from the booking widget. Please note this is not the dates a event can be booked on, but the dates a event should show up as an option to book. 
    11. Upload event image: JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all accepted. The maximum image size for your event image is 440px by 440px, so anything bigger will be automatically resized to fit, and we recommend square images.
    12. Service Specific Rules: Every event that you offer can have its own specific rules only relating to that event. If this is turned off, then the event will inherit the Service Rules set on the account level. For more info on Service Rules found here

For more info, please do get in touch. 

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